Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getting back on track

After a long gap of one and half years, i am planning to get back on the track of blogging. Raghu sent me a link yesterday that had lot of talking about the palm pre. That made me think and encouraged to continue writing the blog. So now i am now going to put my reading on palm pre in this post.

Palm used to be one of the biggest player in the mobile development platform. It gave us wide variety of devices and almost 6 enhanced versions of its Palm OS. When other players such as Symbain and Microsoft joined the party with their respective PDA operating systems. Palm could not keep up with the competition and slowly it lost all its charm. It was almost about to die out in the competition with latest Blackberry and iPhone. Everyone thought that its now going to be a apart of history....

if you see this video Peter Skillman, director of new product experience at Palm you will understand what i am talking about! Palm is now coming up with its Web OS for its latest Palm Pre device that seems to be going to create waves in the mobile market! Now it will be a real good thing to wait and watch if this is going to give a new lease of life to Palm or it becomes it's last breath!

I am not comparing my thoughts of writing the blog and palm betting high on Pre to give it a new lease of life but i thought this topic is a good to start. of course, the time only will tell us which way we are going :)

Here is a link that you may want to read on -

I know the details are not available yet, but i would like to wait to see what happens next :)

Lets wait and watch!