Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogging for Business

From a business perspective there are several potential reasons to blog. But, as always, it depends on what you want. Blogs are no different from channels like video, print, audio, presentations and so on. They all deliver results - but of varying kind. The kind you can expect from blogs is mainly about stronger relations with important target groups.

Become the Expert
In attemt to position individuals and the organizations as the thought leader of current line of business.

Evolving Relationships
In a public forum where our main objective is not to sell anything butto have a more personal relationship between you and your readers - may be the customers. And customers could be internal (co-workers) or external (actual clientele) as well! Blogs are a fastest and simplest way to join the discussions, provide informative articles and/ or receive feedback on what you are doing.

Internal Collaboration
Use blogs as a workspace where project members keep each other updated without wasting time writing reports or searching the Outlook inbox. And being a project manager for sometime, i love this idea very much! Some other day i will discuss about how effectively this helps me as a project manager and you can take a hint from it :)

Knowledge Management
Blogs works in two ways. First of all, they're an easy way for the readers to find information and resources they want or need. That's obvious and could be used internally in many organizations. Second, blogs are a kind of "university light" for the blogger. Blogging is on-the-job learning.

Test ideas or products
A blog is informal. It's part of a conversation where people (often) can comment, and the blog can provide you with a measure of value. Publish an idea and see if it generates interest. Does anyone link to you? What do they say?

And the last - Rank high in searches
Well, this has nothing to do with relations. But Google and other search engines rewards sites that are updated often, that link to other sites and most importantly, that has many inbound links. Start a blog at your regular site and your ranking will boost. And obviously for corporate reasons, this is always a welcome thing!

So lets start blogging!